Hosted by Project Equity

Recorded on June 18, 2019

Explore how employee ownership can be an ideal exit strategy.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

    • Sell your company to your employees
    • Exit financially and ensure continued impact in your community
    • Preserve jobs and provide new ownership opportunities for employees

Kirk Vartan, founder of A Slice of New York, discusses why employee ownership was the right choice for him. By turning his business into a coop, Kirk generated wealth for himself through the sale of his company while creating wealth for his employees. A Slice of New York is a prime example of how to transition a successful business to employee ownership efficiently and cost-effectively.


Kirk Vartan, Founder, A Slice of New York

Kirk Vartan is a native New Yorker, NBC technologist, former hi-tech professional, community activist, and small business founder of two successful pizza shops, A Slice of New York, in San Jose/Santa Clara and Sunnyvale. In July 2017, with the help of Project Equity, A Slice of New York became the first retail worker cooperative in the South Bay. Kirk continues to promote the cooperative message to local cities and businesses.


Donna Sky, Business Development Manager, Project Equity

Donna is a long time social entrepreneur and San Francisco business owner. She is the founder of Love & Hummus Co., a mission-driven food startup she operated starting in 2009 and grew from inception into a national brand.  Donna’s work with Project Equity is led by her expertise as a business owner, her passion for using business as a force for good, developing a more inclusive economy and the creation of more employee-owned businesses.

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5 reasons to consider an ESOP

5 reasons to consider an ESOP

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) has major benefits for both the business owner and the employees. In this article, we share with you 5 major benefits of selling to an ESOP to help you plan for the future of your business.

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