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At Project Equity, we re-envision community economic development to shift control locally and build economic resiliency in low-income communities. We envision a future where business decisions are made through a lens of what is good for workers and communities, leading to businesses that are more successful, communities that are more resilient, and workers who have stable jobs and economic security. Our mission is to foster economic resiliency with low-income communities by demonstrating and replicating strategies that increase worker ownership. Our clients are unique local businesses (most with 25-50 employees, but increasingly larger companies as well) that are assessing or implementing transitions to broad-based employee ownership (e.g. worker cooperatives, democratic ESOPs or other forms of employee or stakeholder ownership). Project Equity’s current programs are:

  • BUSINESS OUTREACH AND EDUCATION: we raise awareness and educate business owners and community leaders through professional marketing and PR strategies and by partnering with municipal economic development staff, small businesses networks, and professional service providers such as CPAs, M&A advisors, and exit planners.
  • BUSINESS TRANSITION PROGRAM: we help businesses convert to employee ownership through our Business Transition Program in three distinct phases: feasibility assessment; employee ownership design, preparation and transaction; and “Thrive,” our post-conversion support for new employee-owners, which emphasizes board and leadership development, and individual asset building. Our custom service package includes hands on training as well as technical assistance.
  • REGIONAL EXPANSION: we are creating repeatable processes for our Business Outreach and Business Transition programs and adapting them with regional partners around the country, with strategic partnerships in the Twin Cities and Western North Carolina, outreach partnerships in three other cities, and other regional expansion efforts in the works.
HOW TO APPLY FOR  POSITIONS: Please fill out the following information and attach your resume and cover letter below. In your cover letter, please explain what motivates you to work with Project Equity, and how your experience, skills and commitment will advance our work to create a more equitable economy.

We are seeking talented candidates for the following roles:

2020 Summer Intern (private equity focus)


Bringing your experience in private equity, you will help Project Equity gain a clearer understanding of the ways that we could learn from, and potentially partner with, private equity to create more employee ownership. You will do this through research, modeling and design charrettes with internal and external stakeholders. You will also help educate the Project Equity team on key approaches of private equity that are helpful to our work (from identifying companies to due diligence to deal terms).

This role reports to Project Equity’s co-founder, and is expected to be about 10 weeks in length, with flexible start and end dates. Our team is distributed and mostly remote, with a small office in Oakland, CA. This is an unpaid internship. Many students are able to tap outside funding sources to cover their summary salary (e.g. through school programs that subsidize work with a nonprofit).

Free consultation

for businesses interested in employee ownership.
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