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The business owner’s best kept secret to success and succession

For most businesses, the employees are the most valuable assets. Imagine, if job satisfaction skyrocketed, how much would that increase the productivity of a business and keep...

Participatory management

Our most recent publication highlights the role of participatory management in high-performing businesses, including a spotlight on New Belgium Brewing, a 100% employee-owned...

Busting myths about manufacturing

In her latest article for Forbes, Trump Has Manufacturing All Wrong - And So Do The Rest Of Us, founder of Make it in LA and the host of The Art of...

Everyone In: equity and inclusion initiative

Policy Roundtable: Exploring Worker-Owned Cooperatives in Long Beach, CA In April 2017, the City Council in Long Beach, CA adopted a Blueprint for Economic Development, providing...
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New studies in the SF Bay Area, Twin Cities, Western North CarolinaDetroit and Central Pennsylvania show millions of businesses at risk, pointing to employee ownership as a solution.

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