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Employee ownership: 5 myths about selling your business to your employees

Sometimes, when we first talk with business owners about employee ownership, we get a hesitant response. We’ve found that there are some preconceived notions...

People support what they help create

How often do we hear people say, “I hate my job!” Creating profitable companies isn’t in conflict with creating happy employees; in fact, it’s much the...

For the Love of Glass

Imagine life without glass. From eyewear to iPhones, from environmental remediation to the exploration of Mars, glass is fundamental to modern life, and...

The business of the future cultivates real ownership

In the dawn of the Information Age, our nation finds itself radically redefining how work is organized. This spring, Project Equity attended the 2018 Equity...
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New studies in the SF Bay Area, Twin Cities, Western North CarolinaDetroit and Central Pennsylvania show millions of businesses at risk, pointing to employee ownership as a solution.

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