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A new workplace benefits program to help you grow assets and financial security


As an employee of one of the participating companies, you have the opportunity to access financial guidance through these nonprofit programs, at no cost to you or your coop.


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    • SaverLife is an online platform that creates a community of Savers, and motivates individuals to build a life-long habit of saving through regular reminders and financial incentives.
    • Individuals set personal savings goals, make regular deposits, and build a habit of savings.


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    • Trusted Advisor provides one-on-one financial counseling sessions, that will provide you with guidance tailored to your individual lifestyle and goals.
    • Neighborhood Trust’s experienced financial counselors will help you through financial questions with ease, expertise and understanding.


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A Project Equity initiative in partnership with SaverLife and Neighboorhood Trust

In partnership with SaverLife and Neighborhood Trust, Project Equity is providing employees at participating employee-owned businesses with access to SaverLife and Trusted Advisor, two programs to help empower and enable individuals to shore up their personal finances and establish a habit of saving.

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